How Can I Make Money Online Writing Articles? Seo Writing

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a process. That means that there are lots of small details that you need to pay attention to. Some of those details may seem small or insignificant or even petty. But you need to remember that you’re dealing with computers and they can be exceptionally fussy when it comes to this kind of thing. Follow these stupidly simple SEO principles and you’ll be ahead of most of your competition, whether you’re using pay per click or old-fashioned organic SEO.

Keep the pages short and to the point. Whilst it is “en-vogue” to have a long page jammed with SEO Keywords, the best performing web designs have less content, more focussed offers and several calls to action.

In my opinion the answer is NO. There is a place for me in this industry. I heard a trainer say that Introverts make the best salesman because they are good listeners. They are also good at emphathizing with prospects. I know this is just one man’s opinion but I feel that listening and emphathizing with people are natural talents for me.

Do they let you put a live link in the sig file? This is important because when people see your helpful comments, they can easily click on the link at the bottom in your sig file. If they have to navigate through your profile to find it, they’ll be less likely to check it out.

As you write more articles, the total number of links to your site increases also. This is perfect because Google places a lot of importance on links popularity. This will help you get ranked in the search engines quickly. Articles are also a great way to help buyers make decisions. Chances are, they may read one of your articles, get interested by the contents you wrote, and go to your site to join your network Marketing opportunity or subscribe to your list. Search engines index articles quickly, and articles populate the top ten rankings often. This means high quality free traffic for you just from writing articles.

Therein lies the problem. Banks aren’t in a mood to lend so opening a standard retail business may be difficult to accomplish. It’s been reported that even Donald Trump is having difficulty getting loans these days.

Forum posting – post comments on forums related to your product and put your website link in your signature. If your product is a work from home product then post in forums about making money from home or mlm’s or home businesses.